Crab War MOD APK V3.52.0 (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters)

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Crab War MOD APK V3.52.0 (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters)
Name Crab War APK
Offered By Appxplore (iCandy)
Category Adventure
Version 3.52.0
Size 104M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated January 26, 2023
MOD Features Unlimited Pearls, Boosters

Crab War Mod Apk Unlimited Gold Download

About Crab War

Crab War is a very  intriguing clicker game by Malaysian distributer AppXplore. Here, you will lead a multitude of strong crabs to obliterate goliath reptiles that are an attacking the area. Foes are continually getting more grounded, so redesign crabs and utilize the force of fortitude to bring down trespassers.

The story

Many quite a while back, in a space that was initially the place where there is crab species. Nonetheless, abruptly seemed goliath reptiles to attack and assume control over the crab an area. The small crabs are compelled to under the ground to make due. After hundreds of years, of attracting energy from quartz gems the ground, crabs are prepared to get back to retaliate for their race and recapture an area. A strained and pestering war has broken out!


Crab War has an appealing battling style between a multitude of crabs swarmed with goliath ocean beasts. The controls are very straightforward, you simply have to contact anyplace on the screen to call the crab units to go after the foe. Since the foe is a monster reptile, you should go after until the HP of the foe drops to 0.

Overcoming adversaries gives you coins. They are utilized to develop crabs to expand strength and assault capacity. There are numerous strong foes that are continually showing up and they are getting more grounded. So the player should continually update the solidarity to have the option to manage the adversary. That is the reason the fights in Crab War are harrowing and exceptionally constant.

The solid foes

Crab War’s adversaries in Crab War are goliath ocean beasts. They have been seething on the ocean bottom for many years. So they are extremely packed and forceful. Each time you rout a beast, there generally seems another goliath and dustier. Specifically, every time a couple of little beasts were crushed, monster managers showed up. They are more grounded with an immense measure of blood, even ready to eat a multitude of crabs with only one assault.

Each supervisor is expected to require down in around 30 seconds. Here and there your powers don’t permit it. Hence, the player can decide to disregard the chief and decide to battle again when you are sufficient. Kill all the more remarkable beasts, the more gold you acquire. Sporadically there will bparticularly brilliant rielding a lot of gold.

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Update your crabs – Crab War Mod Apk Free Shopping Hack

Standing up to strong foes, requires a strong multitude of fight crabs. The crab power update framework is very assorted. Tepend on 80 different developmental crab species with various shocking shapes however the most impressive is the lord crab. There are 3 unique kinds of crabs that haphazardly bring forth child crabs when you contact the screen:

  • Crab Amethyst: The quick speed scab, great in assault.
  • Emerald Crab: Open following 50 minutes and can release basic assaults.
  • Crab Garnet: Opened following 80 minutes with the capacity to release strong punches.
  • Each crab species has assorted redesign frameworks and numerous transformative ways. The advancement expands the fundamental
  • details like harm, crit rate, development speed, … The higher the level, the player opened numerous new and all the more remarkable
  • crabs. Specifically, there depend on 36 freaks for you to study from various sorts of DNA with extraordinary capacities.

crab war mod apk unlimited pearls

Notwithstanding the fight crabs, players can likewise update 6 battle support abilities including bringing a goliath crab, expanding crab power or expanding the quantity of crabs brought forth each second, … crab war mod apk unlimited pearls , There is a cooldown and requires opening on each level. Utilizing these abilities properly will achieve astounding outcomes, assisting you with turning the game around.

Occasions and missions

The missions in Crab War are very different including day journeys or achievements journeys. Day to day errands, for example, annihilating reptiles, getting butterflies, utilizing abilities, … and achievements mark the accomplishments you have accomplished with cool titles.

Finishing journeys as well as giving you gold likewise gives you pearls. Pearls are utilized in the store to purchase things, for example, Brilliant Stingray, Brilliant Crab, Executioner Crab, …

With every unique event of the year, Crab War coordinates intriguing occasions. These occasions yield uncommon things and money boxes containing heaps of golds. There is a cake assortment occasion to invite the Mid-Pre-wingoldelebration with numerous appealing gifts. Try not to miss!

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MOD APK rendition of Crab War

MOD component
Unlimited Pearls

The m itost effective method to get Pearls while utilizing the MOD adaptation
Get huge measure of Pearls from journey rewards.

Download Crab War MOD Athe PK for Android

With bright 3D illustrations and noteworthy and differed character plans, Crab War provides you with the very alluridifferentes of the crab army. Will crabs recover their couwildly following many long periods of being attacked by goliath ocean reptiles? All are sitting tight for you to track down the response.

Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters)

Crab War Mod Apk is a game that can show us that simply resentment can make a clash of a hundred years. In particular, advancement has made reptiles ascend to the surface. Pursue every one of the crabs underground to corner new environments. They wing millennia underground because of the energy coming from the puzzling gem block. Presently crabs have shed and advanced to new stages.

Conveying an absolute power, they set off on a mission to get back at the individuals who had pursued them away.

Download Crab War mod – Sensational war among crabs and reptiles

The head of the now-developed crab species. You are one of the significant variables to lead them to the surface. Recapture what was lost from the snakes. The entire game Crab Wawon’t’t bwon’tever-an ading war amonbetweennakes crabs. So we really want to think a lot of assets and solidarity to have the option to win.

Fabricate an invulnerable crab realm. Make crab warriors with the most impressive and exceptional hereditary codes. The strange precious stone will give you everything and information to find out about the crab species after the transformation. Effectively applied, you can make warriors whenever.

Reptiles are additionally not normal as they have likewise acquired numerous bizarre abilities. Together they structure the most compelling power ashore. They will be the main foe to take out for the crab species with regards to the surface.

There are in excess of 33 types of reptiles with various strength levels. You should realize every one of them through fights to get an opportunity to plan and overcome every one of the reptiles. They are extremely sly and have considerable power. Obviously, that is not why we can’t surrender.

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Crab War mod apk – Development of various crab species

With various 80 different crab species for you to advance. Obviously this fight will be extremely lengthy and tedious. In any case, that doesn’t mean it’s tasteless and boring. You should battle through a ton of fights to open specific developments. The development will bring great strength upgrade of the crabs, from extraordinary capacities like terminating power or exploiting the force of an attractive field. Their varieties will likewise be changed to make them simpler to recognize. A piece of it is likewise making the stylish of crab warriors after development.

Crab War mod apk free

Shrewd utilization of hereditary trees

The hereditary tree is an exceptional framework in Crab War. It permits you to overhaul the details and strength freely to make a crab with the right prerequisites. Each hereditary tree will comprise of a ton of little quality pieces with one overhaul filling that one quality. You want to track down assets and things to open these qualities.

If by some stroke of good luck a couple of straightforward branches are gotten, their power has not yet shown a lot. Until you have expanded the quality fragments and finished crab war mod apk unlimited everything  the hereditary tree, you will see the impact. One of the primary devices conclude regardless of whether your crab warrior is sufficient.

crab war mod apk unlimited everything

Crab War mod free – The extreme crab competitions – Whenever intrigued, attempt the PvP mode, where the crab warriors will battle one another. The proprietors of them are various players. You will pick your most grounded crab crew to partake in the competition. Face other players’ crabs to decide triumph or rout. Winning means going straightforwardly to the following round. Until confronting the last players. Are you sufficiently able to turn into the crab boss of the world.

Crab War free

Watch the crabs change to turn into the most remarkable warriors. Stand up to the reptiles that have lost their environment to seek retribution and get back what was lost. Turn into a genuine ruler with many crab warriors prepared to serve. Download now Crab War mod to assemble your own crab realm.

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Dodownload Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters) for Android

Crab War Mod APK is an engaging and inventive inactive game that uses dream crab or shellfish ideas to make interminable interactivity. The player’s undertaking is to fabricate a strong and courageous crab armed force through endless redesigns, making numerous new varieties to add to the crew. A lot other energizing substance, for example, reward frameworks or supervisor battles will likewise be significant potential for players to investigate.

Straightforward AND Unwinding Inactive Ongoing interaction

In spite of the fact that Crab War involves components of savagery and war as the main content, its pacing is slow and brimming with unwinding. In the beginning phases, players need to continually tap on the screen to bargain fundamental harm, and the quicker they click, the more huge the harm. After some time, they can redesign their inactive units and make them battle while players are chilling or getting familiar with coordinated frameworks.


Every one of the shellfish in the game have the state of crabs, yet they have striking dream components when they are different and energetic. A portion of the essential crabs are likewise special, and they can utilize various abilities and consolidate with the swarm for players to obliterate all foes. All the more impressive and fearsome crabsFor players to partake in the battle without limit, allll show up from now on, whether as foes or partners, for players to partake in the battle witon Tickets & Money)

Crab War: Inactive Swarm Development – Perpetual Advancement Framework

The advancement framework in Crab War is boundlessly moderate and will constantly change or update the presence of the crab armed force. Nonetheless, the overhaul worth of every unit will increment continuously with each update, however, they will open the player’s new abilities or fundamental fight units. In the meantime, the absolute DPS of the military will be recorded and give players numerous particular computations for the best and exact assaults.

crab war mod apk unlimited pearls

Extraordinary AND Incredible Supervisor Battles
Manager fights are the level of energy as their rhythm is extraordinary and wild. In spite of the fact that they can’t obliterate the player’s crabs, the manager battles make some specific memories limit, so players should utilize each ability or thing to win. Managers likewise show greatness through their abilities, yet the player can crab war mod apk unlimited pearls nullify or respond so as to limit the setback.

Crab War : Inactive Swarm Advancement – Energizing Exercises AND Smaller than usual GAMES

Notwithstanding the wild fights with goliath dream crabs, Crab War will highlight numerous extra items and engaging little games. Their substance is fluctuated, most testing the player’s karma to get intriguing things or new crab species. Later on, more new satisfied will step by step open up for players and make interactivity more different and more prosperous than other inactive games.

COMPLETE Gigantic Endeavor

Undertakings are various front lines from the primary beat, and they include different battle mechanics to make ongoing interaction more shifted. The speed and trouble of the campaigns are likewise unique, so the component of pressure and fervor is altogether improved contrasted with ordinary fights. In any case, their rewards are liberal and pay off with each player’s endeavors, giving them critical upgrades in view of progress or individual accomplishment.

Crab War : Inactive Swarm Evolution Crab War : Inactive Swarm Advancement

A greater amount of Crab War’s substance and potential will continually open as players plunge further into additional complicated and perilous missions later on. All things considered, the crabs’ idea, natural, and configuration are one of a kind and noteworthy to invigorate the player’s hostility towards a huge front line just for crabs.

KEY Highlights

  • In excess of 80 unpredictably formed crabs might be advanced.
  • Make 33 unique sovereigns to act as the heads of your swarm.
  • Release major areas of strength for 6 and modify them with up to 18 unmistakable abilities to make them truly one of a kind.
  • Chase north of 50 venomous reptiles that are unique.
  • Ecdysis is the most common way of passing on and being reawakened with gigantic modifications.
  • Kill the Wildebeast and receive the rewards of unbelievable wealth.
  • Go up against others in troublesome competitions.
  • In the quality tree, you might modify your qualities and plan your crabs.
  • Utilize considerable companions, for example, the executioner crab and brilliant beam for your potential benefit


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